How We’ll Afford To Worldschool

Here is a list what we did over the last 2 or so years:

  • Bought a home. This guarantees a safe place to come back to and hopefully will earn extra cash to fund the trip(s). If we can’t rent our home, we will find housesitters.
  • Paid off all debt. We will leave with a mortgage (which we plan to cover through tenancy) and student loans (which we are covering through deferment and affordable income-driven plans). We have no credit cards, no car or other loans, no medical bills, etc. To build wealth you have to owe as little as possible first.
  • Diversified investments. We own a home and car. We are maxing out 401k contributions according to employer match. We invest in slow-growth, but low-volatility ETFs. We are funding 529s for the kids. We will pad our high-interest savings account with about six months worth of regular salary. This all falls into the umbrella of an emergency fund. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say.
  • Found remote work. Jim is a Systems Engineer which allows us to earn a US paycheck from anywhere. I will quit my job in health administration and begin my Masters degree shortly after we leave. I might find something part-time, too, but that’s because I’m the kind of person who needs to work.
  • Made lifestyle changes. COVID really took care of this one for us. Basically, live like COVID times for a few years and those are the changes needed to save money. Forgo Starbucks and pilates in favor of going to France.
  • Stashed cash. We literally have a piggy bank that over a few years has collected enough change to cover a couple emergency hotel nights. This will be enough to cover tolls throughout out journey.
  • Became entrepreneurs. We likely won’t do much of this outside of blogging, but many traveling families are funded by multiple streams of creative side hustles. Etsy. Ebay. Phone sex. Whatever.
  • TIP: Start somewhere inexpensive. You’ll have to read on for our locale reveal, but this is self-explanatory. Don’t bust out and splurge on Geneva when you can get an equally valuable experience in Guanajuato. Look at in-country budgets and you’ll learn where you can stay for longer. One month in the US is equal to 5 in Argentina.
Costa Rica



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